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A Pandect Fan Community

A Pandect Fan Community
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Hello, and welcome to the Pandect LJ community! This is a place where you can post fic, art, icons, and discuss any and all things related to the webcomic Pandect by Dina Situ. So don't be shy! Share your love of this crazy awesome comic with the rest of LJ land!

I would like to stress that this community is not affliated with or approved by Dina Situ. It is made by fans (me) for fans (you dudes) and is not official in any way shape or form. (I only stress this because Dina Situ has a very close e-relationship with her fans and I don't want anyone making any assumptions)

Before joining this community, be aware: 1) People may hate a character you love. Vehemently, even. Also vice-versa. 2) People may love a charcter you also love. Also vehemently. If you cannot handle these concepts then you shouldn't be on the internet in the first place, and you should DEFINITELY not be on this community because I won't sugarcoat this stuff for you, alright?


I am not big on rules so there are only a couple, I think they are reasonable

1) Try not to make a bajillion posts about the same thing one right after the other.
2) All art, pics, fiction, icons, NSFW content, and really long entries are to be placed behind an lj-cut.
3) Anything NSFW must include a clear warning. This is just common sense guys! Some folks got kids or parents or prudish room mates! Or, you know, work.
4) Joe is the vampire.
5) No community advertisements unless approved by a moderator.
6) If it's not yours don't post it, you can post links to things though.
7) If someone breaks a rule, don't be a mod, unless you ARE a mod, in which case uh do your job ffs.


If you have any questions, complaints, etc, don't hesitate to contact one of the moderators. We're here to make this community enjoyable for everyone!

inglorious_dmk - The creator and chief mod of this here community
aim: nanjikat
email: dmk@starkraving.org

email: cuttie_honey14@hotmail.com


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Image by Dina Situ, shamelessly gacked from the classic Panboard layout.